Lil Ollie Mutt



Perfect for personal discussions, one-on-one interactions, home use, and anywhere space is limited. Known as man’s best friend, Ollie Mutt, dusts up an incredible body of knowledge with oral health discussions that are sure to get their attention.
Learn how to brush with Lil Ollie Mutt! Use this small dental helper in your home or at the dentist’s to keep a healthy smile. Product Details
  • Increases children's quality of life and life expectancy by teaching proper oral health habits
  • Educates millions of children each year in dental offices and households around the world
  • Teaches brushing and flossing techniques to toddlers and teenagers alike
  • Includes access to personality themed games, brushing charts, health activities, and how to's
  • Sits 9" tall and includes a 1/2 life-size dental model with 4 flossing locations and 1 toothbrush
  • Product Dimensions:: 5" x  4" x 9"

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